Rogue d'amour

Hey guys,
      I used my favorite colors for yesterday's outfit. Red and Burgundy! I adore the jacket I'm wearing.
This is one day post snow storm, then the sun surprised us--YAY! Unfortunately, New York is still getting the worst of it. Hopefully, they get some relief soon.

Pics by "B"

                                                                         Zipper Jacket - here
                                                                         Love culture Top- here
                                                                         Bisou Bisou Coated Jeans- here
                                                                         Charlotte Russe Necklace- here
                                                                         Boots (old)
                                                                         Relic Wristwatch(old)- here
                                                                         Bakers Purse (sold out) 
                                   Thanks for reading! happy sunday mon amour!